Last minute Ultra?

I felt kind of lost after finishing CanLake 50.  I was able to recover really fast, and ran a super awesome (and very tough) 8 mile race at the Swain Ski Slopes (Ossian Mountain Run) the weekend after. It was the first race for Flour City Race Works – therefore only 10 people raced. It was extremely hard – the mud did not help. It was the first race I had to use my hands to clutch onto roots, trees, rocks to get me up a hill. I came in 4th overall (out of 10) and 1st female (out of 2).

Before the start

Before the start


So. Back to feeling lost. I started to panick that I was no longer training for something. I felt like I needed a purpose for continueing to run – especially because it’s getting colder. I thought of the Mendon Trail Run. It was only a few weeks away (now just 1 week away (Next Saturday)). The race is 10k loops in Mendon Ponds Park, with distance options of 10k, 20k, 30k, and 50k. The 50k is the only one that counts towards the Trail Runner of the Year standings. So I waited until I could see the 10 day weather forecast to make sure nothing crazy would happen. I saw 51 degrees, and no rain… works for me – I signed up (50K). Ofcourse, since I signed up the temps continue to drop for Nov. 1st… down to a high of 43 degrees… not cool.

Mendon 50k is not a race I was planning on doing. Not a goal race, but still the thought of DNFing is not acceptable. I have no idea what to expect – this will be my first trail ultra. Something dramatic always happens… I barely survived Sehgahunda (trail marathon). I’m planning on being able to run this 50k faster than my Sehgahunda time – much less hills (I think). Im nervous – mostly about freezing….

I finally have a doctors appointment at the end of November. So one last big race – then ugh…. pretty sure it’s been 6 years since I’ve been to a doctor.

In other news – I’ve already ran more miles than last year (1303.1 vs 1227.66) and I’ve raced more miles (261 miles vs 232.2). I will be very close to my goal of racing 300 miles after Mendon 50k – which makes me want to attempt the Stage Races the weekend after (3 races in 2 days)….

Im about to go preview the Mendon course. 7am runs are gross… but I get to practice being cold.

The end.

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