Pre Mendon 50k

Guess what time it is? 4:07 am…

Which also means it’s time to talk about how this was a terrible idea.

It’s cold, raining, and windy. All 3 of those together = miserable. Im pretty sure.


I signed up for the 50k based on the idea that I thought it was going to be 51 degrees, and probably not raining. I learned my lesson about trusting the 10 day weather forecast – that changed fast.

Im not ready at all for another Ultra. At least not mentally. I keep thinking… meh 50k – much less than 50 miles. But still… it’s at least 30 miles, which is a lot of miles. And a lot of hours being wet and cold.

My IT band still hurts. I haven’t been running much in an effort to heal it…. so yeah – we shall see how that goes.

Im running out of negatives – so here’s a few positives…

  • This is my last attempt at placing in the Trail Runner of the Year Series. Im currently 5th. and Yes, I would have to pretty much win overall female in the 50k to jump to 3rd (99.9% chance that won’t happen)…  but you never know – if amazing things happen, i’ll go for it.
  • 90% of my runner friends are either doing the 50k or one of the other distances. So that will be fun.
  • I like running in circles. (This race is 5 10k loops)
  • This will be my first 50k. And first Trail Ultra.
  • My goal is to finish under 6 hours. Which would be faster than my trail marathon time at Sehgahunda.
  • I don’t want to DNF (it would be a first)… I can handle IT band pain, feet hurting, being sore, etc. I can even handle being cold – for an hour or 2…. but 6 hours? Not so sure.

A lot can happen in 6 hours… this should be interesting.

The end.

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