Training update

First month of training down. And I just ran more miles in a month
than I ever have before. Thanks Coach.


I’ve never been that consistant. And all of those runs are quality. Coach got me through 18 runs. And I was only on my own…ONCE. The power of training partners. Im super lucky!

So January – I ran 203.35 miles.
Before that – the most I had ever ran in a month was 171.5.

After todays 15 mile trail run – I have a cut back week. I have no shame in taking it easy, and will take full advantage of that! Until Saturday – I’ll be running a 6 hour snowshoe relay. I’ve ran in snowshoes once… in 2005. It was horrible.

4 months until Cayuga. Seems so far away… and so much running to do.

Happy Super Bowl Day.
The end.