Adventure time.

So I’ve been officially training for 11 weeks. And have run 503.35 miles since January. I also just completed 2 weeks of Bikram Yoga. Went 7 times = 9 hours. 3 more weeks to go.

I’m over my “Bikram is hard” phase. Now it’s just… stuff. It’s warm. Quiet. I like it.

Warmer temps have allowed for faster workouts. I couldn’t remember if I could run fast. Then my tempo run with coach felt super easy…. now he thinks I can run tempos sub 7.

Stressful week at work had me a bit overwhelmed. I was late to a group “track” workout Thursday, but awesome people still ran with me. It was a run around Cobb’s hill while the sun sets kinda night.

I’m on my own today. First long run alone I think. I’ll be going to Bikram this morning, then attempting 15 miles after. I’ve been having those “I’m doing too much/talking to much” feelings. And need to crawl back in my hole.
For real though – Any success I have this year will be because I have awesome training partners/friends/coach. 1 year ago I wasn’t close to anyone – just me and Kyle. Then Matt B came along and started running with me. Then Coach told me I could be good at stuff (before he was coach). Then I started running more with #trailsroc and Trail Methods came along.

I’ve run tempos with coach faster than I’ve run races. Long runs just feel like runs. I feel like I could PR in a marathon and not be crippled the next day.


The End.

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