Listen to your running Coach.

It’s not very often i’ll re-post something, or share something on Facebook. But when Picky Bars shared this article from Runner World, I actually read it. I like Lauren Fleshman. I like that she made mistakes. I like the advice that’s in this. So you should probably read the whole thing – but im gonna pick out the cool stuff.

Why you should listen to your running coach? – By Lauren Fleshman

  • Consistency wins. The key to becoming great, he [University of Colorado coach Mark Wetmore] said, isn’t found on the edges of training, diet, science, or technology. The key is consistent, uninterrupted training.
  • I went on to lose eight pounds… I lived like a Kenyan (that is, my fantasy of a Kenyan’s life). I severed relationships. I stopped listening to my body. I tried to will myself to the next level.
    The very week after running into Wetmore at Stanford, I broke my foot, and his words haunted me for three years until things finally clicked.
  • Back when I was a little softer, stayed up late with friends occasionally, slowed my paces down or skipped a run when I was extremely tired, I was a force.
  • Being consistently “pretty awesome” beats “amazingly awesome” because amazingly awesome rarely makes it to the starting line.
  • There’s no magic training program. “Stop looking at what everyone else is doing all the time: It’s annoying, not to mention it makes you incapable of optimizing what you’ve got.”
  • Eat more bacon. It took me years to realize that you don’t have to have a “bad list” of foods so long as you eat appropriate portion sizes.


I’m still trying to figure out the food thing. I say im going to cut out sugar, or junk food all the time. When in reality “junk food” is usually trail mix. Trail mix isn’t the worst thing in the world. (I have an addiction). When your running for a few hours day – or 12 hours a week… food isn’t something you should put a limit on. Variety and portions tho – that’s important.

I would normally skip a run if I felt extremely tired. I listened to my training plan instead of my body this winter, and slugged out a 15 miler after a week of feeling exhausted, tired, and probably dehydrated from tons of Bikram yoga. The week after I was sick. When you start running and immediately want to stop… it’s probably more beneficial to go take a nap.

The winter helped me slow down a bit. You don’t always have to run fast. Slow easy runs doesn’t mean you’re a slow runner – probably just means your smart.
If you haven’t tried Picky Bars – you should. I joined the Picky Club… last year? I dunno – a while ago. They’ve been a part of every long run, or every race so far this year. I have yet to feel anything but normal after eating one before or during a run. I had one during our 50k training run this past weekend (5k+ elevation), yes there was also a lot of hiking…. but I never once felt like I was hitting a wall. Which was a first. I’m excited to truly put them to the test in a week or so – during Mind the Ducks 12 hour. Then Cayuga 50.

Matched my hair to my Picky Bar.

Matched my hair to my Picky Bar.

So yeah. Listen to your running coach. If you don’t have one – get one. (J/K). If you don’t have one, usually there’s smart people around to listen to. Just because one week feels terrible, doesn’t mean you’ve lost fitness, or taken steps back in training. It’s all part of the process apparently. Like Lauren said “I am finding myself increasingly reflective of my early runner years, able to see which seemingly insignificant moments turned out to be critically important turning points.”

It’ll be interesting to see how this year goes. Thanks to having a coach – I’ve already ran over half of last years total mileage. I ran my first 65+ mileage week – pretty much all on trails. I’m about to run 2 ultras in 1 month. Here’s some cool stuff from Strava to look at:

Last weeks Mileage

Last weeks Mileage

Last 4 weeks

Last 4 weeks











I’m currently enjoying cutback week (the beginning of every month). I’ll be racing Medved Madness this weekend. I felt like I needed one more trail race to feel better about going into Cayuga. Rather than going into it after a bunch of road stuff. We’ll see.

That’s all. I’m late for work.
Not really.

The end.

Muddy Sneaker 20k

The 16th Muddy Sneaker trail race happened yesterday. This was my 2nd year running it. This is probably one of the hardest races for me – a lot of super long climbs, not a whole lot of flat stuff, and some awesome down hills. It was a bit of an eye opener.

Start with team member Chris - in blue. Photo by Mike Lesher -

Start with team member Chris – in blue. Photo by Mike Lesher –

I went into this race with low expectations, I probably wouldn’t win. I did want to go sub 2 hours. I secretly hoped for 1:50:00. Around mile 10 I was at the bottom of a 2 mile climb to the finish, with 3 out of the 5 top girls. I had 2nd place in my hands. And that slowly ran away from me. In 2 miles they managed to put 1 – 3 minutes on me, and in the moment I didn’t care. I also got passed by fellow team Welden(er) Chris – He tried to coax me along with him. But I had given up.

I give up way too easily. Running uphill is uncomfortable, was I hurting that bad? No. My legs felt fine when I finished. My legs feel fine this morning. I got some hill work to do.


I was 22 overall out of 184
5th female out of 68
2nd in age group out of 10
12 miles – 1:58:33
Last year I ran this in 2:11:12. I won’t complain too much with a 13 minute PR. Just knowing that if I ran more of that last mile – I could have picked off like 5 more people. Next year.

Coach won this race. 1st place. Coached by a winner. He’s awesome.

Photo by Mike Lesher -

Photo by Mike Lesher –

In other news. I was recruited to run in a relay around Seneca Lake today – The Seneca 7. unfortunately a girl got injured in the race yesterday – so I am taking her place. I was looking forward to racing with Katie yesterday – Im sad she has to miss out on this one too.
BPAC is next weekend.
Mind the Ducks in a few more weekends.
Cayuga in a month.

Questioning the probability of survival.
Definitely about to learn some things.

Think I got 2 hours of sleep last night.
About 4.5 hours the night before. Time to go race. Again.

The end.

Training update

It’s been a weird couple of weeks. I think yoga combined with multiple weeks over 50 miles killed me. Also poor hydration. I would run then go to Bikram yoga – or do yoga then run. I don’t really think about electrolytes unless I’m running – so I failed to replace them after hours of sweating from Bikram.

This was the week of March 15th – I did 56.4 miles. 8hrs and 14 minutes of running. 5.5 hours of Bikram yoga

I felt fine though. Until I hit a wall. Complete fatigue, for about a week. Then I got sick – minor cold – but still, no fun.

The week of being sick I still managed 49.8 miles – out of my goal of 60.

And this week was cutback week. I took full advantage with a measly 2 runs – so far. And 1 hour of Bikram.

I only have 3 more days of paid Bikram left. Not sure If I’ll use them. It was a fun experiment. Definitely helped get me through the last part of winter. But I’m over it.

Mileage for March was 195.5 – If I didn’t take a few days of rest/easy I would have been over 200 again…. lame. Then again – I’ll have plenty of months over that now that the snow is gone. So I’ll cherish these easy weeks. I also did 15.5 hours of Bikram last month.
On another note – My computer died. Which explains the lack of blog posts. It was kind of nice not spending hours on the computer. However this mornings 4am wake up meant I needed something to do – So I’ve currently hijacked Kyles computer. But Matt B is a genious and has supposedly fixed my 8 year old Dell! Or at least gave me more time to save up for a new one. BFF right there.
I’m getting really nervous about all of the races coming up. Mostly over things out of my control. I’m scared the end of May will come with bad timing. Cayuga is the main concern. Guess we’ll see.

The End. Happy Easter.