Muddy Sneaker 20k

The 16th Muddy Sneaker trail race happened yesterday. This was my 2nd year running it. This is probably one of the hardest races for me – a lot of super long climbs, not a whole lot of flat stuff, and some awesome down hills. It was a bit of an eye opener.

Start with team member Chris - in blue. Photo by Mike Lesher -

Start with team member Chris – in blue. Photo by Mike Lesher –

I went into this race with low expectations, I probably wouldn’t win. I did want to go sub 2 hours. I secretly hoped for 1:50:00. Around mile 10 I was at the bottom of a 2 mile climb to the finish, with 3 out of the 5 top girls. I had 2nd place in my hands. And that slowly ran away from me. In 2 miles they managed to put 1 – 3 minutes on me, and in the moment I didn’t care. I also got passed by fellow team Welden(er) Chris – He tried to coax me along with him. But I had given up.

I give up way too easily. Running uphill is uncomfortable, was I hurting that bad? No. My legs felt fine when I finished. My legs feel fine this morning. I got some hill work to do.


I was 22 overall out of 184
5th female out of 68
2nd in age group out of 10
12 miles – 1:58:33
Last year I ran this in 2:11:12. I won’t complain too much with a 13 minute PR. Just knowing that if I ran more of that last mile – I could have picked off like 5 more people. Next year.

Coach won this race. 1st place. Coached by a winner. He’s awesome.

Photo by Mike Lesher -

Photo by Mike Lesher –

In other news. I was recruited to run in a relay around Seneca Lake today – The Seneca 7. unfortunately a girl got injured in the race yesterday – so I am taking her place. I was looking forward to racing with Katie yesterday – Im sad she has to miss out on this one too.
BPAC is next weekend.
Mind the Ducks in a few more weekends.
Cayuga in a month.

Questioning the probability of survival.
Definitely about to learn some things.

Think I got 2 hours of sleep last night.
About 4.5 hours the night before. Time to go race. Again.

The end.