Mind the Ducks 12 Hour

I woke up at 3:15am, after going to bed somewhere after 11pm. I sucked at sleeping… it was hot… we were dumb and didn’t turn the A/C on. I made the usual pre-race stuff – Coffee. Then eventually oatmeal. I sat at the computer. Thought about how much I didn’t want to run in circles.

I wen’t out fast. Had to keep reminding myself this was not a goal race. I died. Came back to life. Had the best coach, crew, and best spectators, friends, people cheering all day. I was told the temperature got up to 92 degrees. It felt hot. I handled it well for the majority of the time. I sat down twice. Once because I was starting to freak out, and breathing was getting hard. And my feet hurt. Chris rubbed them. He’s a keeper.

Miles 1 through 34

Miles 1 through 34

I think things started going downhill after I hit 50k… Or that’s when things got hard. The foot pain actually seemed to get better, but I started battling sidestitches, and breathing was still hard.

Miles 35 through 58.686

Miles 35 through 58.686

I didn’t think I was going to make it out of the 40’s. 40 – 50 took forever. I sat down again, because things got fuzzy. Blackness and dizzy. Coach sat with me. Definitely dying. But it was all familiar.

#trailsroc kept things fun. They’re awesome. Ron took awesome photos.

Matt told me he ate some magic pickles. So I ate some pickles. They are magic.

I walked some laps with Matt, and we ran some. I was dieing, but I wasn’t alone.

Finally getting to mile 50 was a turning point. I started running more. Mike (Coach) joined me for the last hour. We did the unthinkable and ran the entire time. I’ve had a lot of great hours in my life… but that 11th hour, was one of the best. Pain seemed to go away, sidestitch ignored. I wanted to be done – then we finished lap 57 and still had 15 minutes to go. Lame. One more.

Final laps with Coach and Mertsock.

Final laps with Coach and Mertsock.

I finished 5th overall out of 139, 2nd female out of 74, 58 laps = 58.696 (11 hours 55 min). Officially the longest and farthest i’ve ran.
What I ran on for 12 hours?
A Picky Bar (Blueberry) – Water – Diluted coconut water – Saltines with molasses – More water – More diluted coconut water – A lot of diluted coconut water – a lot of water – 4? Endurolytes – Newmans Ginger O’s – 2 popscicles – A couple pretzels – A couple tortilla chips – Half of one of Meagan’s blueberry muffins – 4 half’s of pickles – Gingerale from the aidstation a few times.

Things I learned – Coconut water is awesome. And pickles actually work.

I felt good overall during this. I felt pain and nausua, as expected. But I have definitely felt much worse. The breathing thing… I don’t know. It’s happened in the last 3 Ultra’s that were 50 or more miles. But it was not nearly as bad for this one – so maybe it’s getting better.
Mind the Ducks last year was a turning point. It was my first Ultra. Now I’ve ran 4.
That’s the first time I saw Coach.
That’s the first time a friend came to watch me race (Matt) – and we had JUST started running together.
That’s the first time I completely broke down.
That’s the first time Kyle carried me cause I couldn’t walk.

A lot has changed.
Recovery gets easier and easier. Saturday night after the race – I kept walking around, took a bath, rolled my legs. I felt 95% normal the next day. A lingering side stitch was about it, and minor foot pain in the morning. But as I got moving it definitely didn’t feel like I just ran an Ultra.
I was nervous about running this before Cayuga 50. Only a couple weeks away. Whether Cayuga goes well or not – It won’t be because of this race. Bad races happen. And I seem to be unscathed from the weekend. So moving on – May 31st…. should be interesting.

Sorry this was long.
The end.

Kyle and I after the race.

Kyle and I after the race.


Ultra Recovery

I wasΒ almost more scared of how I would feel after the Ultra than I was during it. I was nervous that 2 weeks wasn’t enough time to recover for my first trail marathon – Sehgahunda. I understimated myself.

Incase you missed my recap of the Ultra – I ran a 12 hour race called Mind the Ducks. I ran for a total of 11:49:23 and 55.66 miles (12:45 min/miles)

2 days after the Ultra, my only nagging issue was the blister on my big toe. 3 days after the blister was alittle better, and I tested my legs out at the gym. I did a mile on the elliptical and 1 mile on the treadmill. I was really excited because a dirt cheap race was on Wednesday, and I didn’t think I would be able to run it. But 4 days after the Ultra I ran a SUPER muddy and rainy, 5ish mile trail race… and felt awesome.

I started out super easy and picked it up about half way. It was so muddy and slippery there were times no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t go faster. But I ended up with:

76th overall out of 323
7th female overall
2nd in age group
5.3ish miles in 52:57 (about 4 to 5 min slower than usual)

The day after this race my legs still felt awesome, but my blister… it was killing me. I was convinced it was getting infected, but discovered it hurt so much because there was also a blister under my toe nail. I haven’t lost the nail yet, but it’s gonna happen.

I took a few days off after the race… not on purpose, I just didn’t make time ro run. Saturday I did an easy 2 hours which got me 13.3 ish miles. My legs started to feel a little tired and tight by the end, and my feet were a little achey. So then Sunday I did an easy 2 miles then about an hour of yoga.

I don’t really have a plan for this week. The race is on Saturday. I might go for a few short runs, or else go to the gym at least once. I need to go into this race pretty lose.Β I’ve ran the relay the last 2 years, and always have something cramp up… but not this time. I’ve ordered new trail shoes… hopefully they fit. And ordered those electrolyte tablets.

Ultra recovery was actually a lot easier than any marathon I’ve done. Could be due to the fact that I ran A LOT slower than I would during a marathon, and also had walking breaks. Im excited to try another ultra that doesn’t involve running in circles. There may be a trail Ultra in the near future πŸ™‚