Training update

It’s been a weird couple of weeks. I think yoga combined with multiple weeks over 50 miles killed me. Also poor hydration. I would run then go to Bikram yoga – or do yoga then run. I don’t really think about electrolytes unless I’m running – so I failed to replace them after hours of sweating from Bikram.

This was the week of March 15th – I did 56.4 miles. 8hrs and 14 minutes of running. 5.5 hours of Bikram yoga

I felt fine though. Until I hit a wall. Complete fatigue, for about a week. Then I got sick – minor cold – but still, no fun.

The week of being sick I still managed 49.8 miles – out of my goal of 60.

And this week was cutback week. I took full advantage with a measly 2 runs – so far. And 1 hour of Bikram.

I only have 3 more days of paid Bikram left. Not sure If I’ll use them. It was a fun experiment. Definitely helped get me through the last part of winter. But I’m over it.

Mileage for March was 195.5 – If I didn’t take a few days of rest/easy I would have been over 200 again…. lame. Then again – I’ll have plenty of months over that now that the snow is gone. So I’ll cherish these easy weeks. I also did 15.5 hours of Bikram last month.
On another note – My computer died. Which explains the lack of blog posts. It was kind of nice not spending hours on the computer. However this mornings 4am wake up meant I needed something to do – So I’ve currently hijacked Kyles computer. But Matt B is a genious and has supposedly fixed my 8 year old Dell! Or at least gave me more time to save up for a new one. BFF right there.
I’m getting really nervous about all of the races coming up. Mostly over things out of my control. I’m scared the end of May will come with bad timing. Cayuga is the main concern. Guess we’ll see.

The End. Happy Easter.

Adventure time.

So I’ve been officially training for 11 weeks. And have run 503.35 miles since January. I also just completed 2 weeks of Bikram Yoga. Went 7 times = 9 hours. 3 more weeks to go.

I’m over my “Bikram is hard” phase. Now it’s just… stuff. It’s warm. Quiet. I like it.

Warmer temps have allowed for faster workouts. I couldn’t remember if I could run fast. Then my tempo run with coach felt super easy…. now he thinks I can run tempos sub 7.

Stressful week at work had me a bit overwhelmed. I was late to a group “track” workout Thursday, but awesome people still ran with me. It was a run around Cobb’s hill while the sun sets kinda night.

I’m on my own today. First long run alone I think. I’ll be going to Bikram this morning, then attempting 15 miles after. I’ve been having those “I’m doing too much/talking to much” feelings. And need to crawl back in my hole.
For real though – Any success I have this year will be because I have awesome training partners/friends/coach. 1 year ago I wasn’t close to anyone – just me and Kyle. Then Matt B came along and started running with me. Then Coach told me I could be good at stuff (before he was coach). Then I started running more with #trailsroc and Trail Methods came along.

I’ve run tempos with coach faster than I’ve run races. Long runs just feel like runs. I feel like I could PR in a marathon and not be crippled the next day.


The End.