OBD on Etsy!

A couple years ago I designed my own running planner, because I wasn’t a fan of anything I saw in stores. I like to write things down, and not just rely on the internet to keep track of things. I also like being able to flip back and see how many miles I’ve ran each year, and easily compare things.

I’ve published my first item for sale – and it’s the running planner! I am constantly updating it, so it will always be a 2 year planner. There will never be a page you can’t use!

The first page allows you to write down past years – yearly mileage, as well as total miles raced.

A couple pages in you can jot down races your interested in running. Keep track of what races are in what months!

Then the rest is mainly a Monthly calender – with an extra box for your weekly total. Each month you can add up your total miles, miles raced, miles trained, and carry it to the next month.

Check it out on Etsy. If it’s lacking something, please let me know! I am always looking for ways to improve it.

– It is 4×6
– Cover uses recycled kraft stock (default).
– There are other cover stock options you can choose from.
– Customizable – just e-mail me at Onbelaydesigns@gmail.com!


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