CanLakes 50 – one week

Next Saturday i’ll be running CanLakes 50.

Start time will be 7:30am, and so far the weather is looking…. ok. Start will be cold – 40 ish degrees, then a high of 57/60. Im sure that will change next week though. I’d rather it be warmer than colder…

Running this week has been pretty much non-existent. Too busy/ felt tired and no desire to run…. good thing the race is next weekend.

Here’s the general idea of the race course: (Around Canandaigua Lake)

There’s 4 major climbs – Coye Rd, Bopple Hill, South Valley, and Bare Hill. (Bopple being the worst at mile 15).


My game plan: Take it 15 miles at a time. I’ll start out easy with my goal to get to Bopple, and get UP Bopple without wasting too much time. After Bopple its pretty easy for a while, so i’ll do whatever my body feels like doing. My goal is to feel good for this 15, then suffer for about 5 miles…. Then at mile 35 I’ll pick up my pacer (Kyle). Then the last 15 will be hard, and goal is to just keep moving and try not to waste time, or die.

But. If I were to die from something – It would be running. I keep having all these weird problems… and no I haven’t gone to a doctor. But running makes me feel like there’s nothing wrong. I’d like to believe that running can cure anything – and maybe if I run long enough it’ll just go away. (I know – not true). I’ll probably make an appointment after CanLakes… but I would really rather just go on not knowing.

Time Goal: #1 – Less than 12 hours. #2 – If im feeling ok/ run the same pace I ran Mind the Ducks, I should finish within 10 hours. #3-(If amazing things happen) under 9 hours.

My goal throughout the race is to not be dumb. I usually get to a point where I don’t want to eat, and so I dont. I’ll have to force myself or else bad things would probably happen. At least this time around I will be equipt with Endurolytes. I don’t plan on using them until I think my body needs them, so probably around half-way or more.

I keep thinking about Mind the Ducks (12 hour) and how I felt during that…. I am dreading the part where it’s starts to get hard. I was pretty scared during Mind the Ducks – convinced my Kidneys were failing, convinced I was going to go to bed and not wake up the next morning. I joked about it during the race – but I was completely serious. My body went into shock after Mind the Ducks – I was freezing, uncontrollable shivering, rediculous melt down… hoping it doesn’t happen again. But with my race history – highly likeable.

Im debating on not using my Garmin for the race – leaning towards not. Knowing my pace or what time it is would add a level of stress that I don’t want.

Vegan update: Still Vegan

The End.


3 races 2 weeks, moving and Ultra training

So life exploded these last couple weeks with 3 races, moving into a house, and attempting to train for an ultra…. all while still working 40 hours. So here it goes:

1. I am offically off the wait list for Canlakes 50 mile!! annnnnd – it’s only a month away…

2. I had 2 good weeks of training – followed by 2 sub 20 mile weeks… who needs quality training for an Ultra, right?

3. Dirt Cheap Trail race #5 – was Wednesday Aug. 20th
– I came in 38th overall
– 3rd female overall
– 2nd in AG
– 5.1ish miles in 50:14

4. We made our first big attempt at moving on Saturday August 23rd.
– Only had the Uhaul for 4 hours
– Also didn’t have any help – just me and Kyle.
– We had to make multiple trip with our cars after returning the Uhaul – and ended our last trip at 11ish PM with the doggies. 

5. Dam Good Trail Race was the next day – August 24th – At Letchworth Park
– I got 2 hours of sleep – Thanks to it being the first night in the new place, and the dogs also kept us up all night. 
– I still managed to run ok, the legs felt tired tho.
– I was 29th overall out of 144
– 6th female overall
– 2nd in AG
– 13.3ish miles in 2:08:43

6. I still haven’t been to a doctor – I tried… but no one is accepting new patients. So I gave up.

7. We finished moving the rest of our stuff Saturday August 30th – and scrubbed the apartment in hopes of getting our security deposit back. 

8.  I ran Virgil Monster Half marathon – August 31st 
– It rained the entire time
– It got muddier and slippery-er as the race went on.
– The race started out hard with the first 3 miles pretty much uphill… then it got fun. I didn’t even mind the rain or mud that much. I was glad I decided against running the marathon tho!
– I was 17th overall
– 5th female overall
– 2nd in AG
– 13ish miles in 2:26:14

These next couple weeks will be very important for Ultra training. If I can get a couple more solid long runs I think i’ll feel better about how Canlakes will go. 

Photo credit IAMLESHER.COM from Dam Good Trail Race

Photo credit IAMLESHER.COM from Dam Good Trail Race