Trail Recaps and training update

Last week was pretty eventful. I ran the first Dirt Cheap Trail Race Wednesday, then the Muddy Sneaker 20k on Saturday. Both I was still recovering from this cold that won’t go away, pretty sure I have a sinus infection. Anyway – Here’s some results:

Dirt Cheap #1:
I was 117th overall out of 307
4.6 miles in 50:13

I didn’t bother getting any other details, cause this was a nightmare! By far my worst dirt cheap, last year I ran a 40:35 at this race. I was feeling good too, right behind girl #2 with plans on passing her. But then my nose starts running like crazy, I didn’t realise it was blood for a little while. I tried to just let it go, but it just got worse, started going down my throat, and I started coughing up blood. Not pleasant. Then I started wondering how much blood can you lose from a nose bleed? and would I eventually pass out if I keep running? So I slowed down… tried to get it to stop. I ran the last 2 miles holding my nose… I was very frustrated at first, but I guess it’s just one more inconvenience that can happen while running. One more thing I can always be prepared for too!

Muddy Sneaker 20k:
7th female overall out of 56
58th overall out of 170
2nd in age group out of 5 (20-29)
12 miles in 2:11:12

This was my first time running Muddy Sneaker, and I was prepared for a hard race. This was in the High Tor wildlife management area in Naples, NY. I started out easy, had some mild stomach issues in the beginning, but they eventually went away. It was a crowded start, and I wasn’t going anywhere fast… which was ok with me, I knew I would need the energy later. These were probably the longest hills I’ve ever ran, they just kept going. Im proud to say I was able to run everything, up until the last 2 miles of hill. The last 2 miles started out steep then flattened out a bit, but still at an incline. So it was a mix of walking/hiking and running till the finish.

Overall, it wasn’t as hard as I expected. There was never a thought that I didn’t want to do this anymore. I was never wishing it would just end. The miles went by surprisingly fast. I probably could have pushed myself harder, but I havent been training on hills. I’ll definitely be back for next year, and can’t wait to get closer to 2 hours. This race made me feel better about running Sehgahunda in a month. I only fell once in this race… I also ran into a tree…. I have some other battle wounds, im not sure how I got them… OH YEAH, and no nose bleed! 🙂

Tree Punch

Tree Punch

More races are coming up quick, and kinda stressing me out. Flower City Half Marathon is this weekend… I was planning on running it, but now I can’t decide. I think it will depend on how this week goes… Then the weekend after is another trail race- Medved Madness (15 miles). Which Im planning on doing, even though it’s a week before Mind the Ducks… and GAH… less than 3 weeks till Mind the ducks (12 hour). Then 4 days after that is another dirt cheap, then a week after that is Sehgahunda… then a week after that is Chase Corporate Challenge! I’ve done May Madness before and survived, but never quite like this… 1 month 5 races and two of those races are over 26 miles… should be interesting.

As for training…
Sunday: Ran easy for 2 hours – 12.5 miles
Monday: off
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: Dirt Cheap – 4.6 miles
Thursday: 1 mile (testing a couple shoes for Muddy Sneaker)
Friday: off
Saturday: Muddy Sneaker – 12 m

Week #14 – 30.1 miles (Goal 63)
Week #13 – 10.3 miles (Goal 59)
Week #12 – 12.2 miles (Goal 38)
Week #11 – 24.7 miles (Goal 56)
Week #10 – 47.1 miles (Goal 54)
Week #9 – 26.7 miles (Goal 36)
Week #8 – 48.3 miles (Goal 52)
Week #7 – 37.6 miles (Goal 49)
Week #6 – 33.5 miles (Goal 34)
Week #5 – 44.3 miles (Goal 50)
Week #4 – 32.6 miles (goal 44)
Week #3 – 37.1 miles (goal 32)
Week #2 – 44.8 (goal 46)
Week #1 – 34.5 (goal 44)

Still a slacker… but with the weather finally getting better, i’ll have less of a struggle getting out the door. I did run twice yesterday, which is allready a big improvement. I wasn’t too sore from Saturdays race… until after yesterdays runs. And then I even rolled out my muscles… that never happens. I think Im getting back on some kind of track!

Good Luck to everyone running Boston today!