an eventful Dirt cheap trail race #5

Last night was the 5th Dirt Cheap Trail Race at Webster park. The course is suppose to be about 5.5 ish miles. But somewhere things went very… very wrong!

So … the men started at 6:30 pm, and women started 8 minutes after.  It was basically just the top 4 girls running together for the first half (me and 3 others). As usual we started passing the slower guys. Then somewhere half-way through the fast guys are coming the opposite direction saying were going the wrong way. Then more and more guys are coming by us – all on single track (It was a mess). They were either saying they were going the wrong way, or we were… everything was confusion. So we just kept on going…. I mean, we followed the flags the whole time, and were continuing to follow them… how could we be going the wrong way?

Apparently there were some kids that removed flags from the course before the guys started, which caused them to miss a turn. Luckily for us girls there were two guys standing by the turn we were suppose to take so we went the right way… I think?

The top 4 stayed together pretty much until about 3 miles in when we hit the creek crossing, then I took off…. and another girl really took off, she disappeared. So in my head I was pretty excited, I was thinking I had 2nd place. Then I got close to the finish and I start passing slower women…. (wait a minute)…. how did they get in front of me? Then I come up to the finish, and see that basically EVERYONE had already finished….

In all the confusion, I think people turned around thinking they were going the wrong way. Some people only ran like 2 miles, some 3, some 4…… I’m 95% sure I did the right course? I was so bummed when I finished… mostly because I felt good in this race, but it didn’t matter. There were no winners last night, it was pretty much just a crazy run in the park. Also bummed that kids would mess with the course… If they did it on purpose, then that’s messed up. If they didn’t know what they were doing, then what can you do… they didn’t know any better. I feel bad for fleet feet and yellow jacket – they put so much work into every event so that the course is well layed out. You never expect it to be tampered with. Luckily trail runners are pretty easy going, and just enjoy being out on the trails. Most people still enjoyed the event. Some were upset…. we were disappointed.

Here’s the route I took, my race was about 5.3 miles.
dirtcheap5_map  Kyle ran this too, and I also passed him on the trails going the opposite direction. We both didn’t know what was happening… but he only ended up doing like 4ish miles. I finished in 47:19, the previous race I ran here in May I ran 47:11…. So my time was basically the same.

I got some pretty mean blisters thanks to the creek and wet shoes…. and no socks.

Red Heels

Red Heels

We were kinda down after the race and weren’t hungry. So we didn’t want real food… could have gotten pizza, but you have to pay for that. We decided pancakes would be for dinner. Kyle’s were just butter and syrup, which is boring. As you can see – mine are pretty awesome… Peanut butter and jelly and chocolate chips AND maple syrup!? Yes…

The end.