Burning River 100 – DNF

Packet Pickup

Packet Pickup

3am on Saturday August 6th, we left our hotel for Squires Castle.
The start line of Burning River 100.

3:30am at the Start. Photo by Chris O'Brien.

3:30am at the Start.
Photo by Chris O’Brien.

I was unsure if I had slept at all. Unsure of how running would feel.
The first 12 miles were on road. The foot felt ok, but I was compensating a little. Running didn’t feel normal. I was wearing my Nike Hyperfeel trail shoes – which I thought would be good for the whole day, on and off the trail. But in the first 12, my feet were killing me. When my left foot was hurting more than my right foot (injured foot), I knew it was a shoe thing.

The first crew accessible aid station was at mile 11.5 – Polo fields. I meant to change my shoes. I forgot. I didn’t need food or water, so just kept going. I popped into some trails from there, then quickly realised I wouldn’t have crew at the next aid station. It would be 10 miles till I saw them again.

The shoes would go in and out of killing me and being ok. I hit a low point early. Somewhere after mile 15.  I was walking a lot. I know it’s 100 miles, but it was way too early for this kind of stuff. All I kept thinking is “Im not gonna make it.” and Mertsock was driving in from Rochester to pace me at mile 72…
It would be a waste of a drive.
So here’s some stuff.

There are things I expect in every race. I expect at some points running will feel good. I expect those feelings of “running is awesome!” I expect to be able to run the downhills – cause those are what I LOVE. I expect ups and downs, and breakdowns. I expect the unexpected.

I went into this 100 with doubts of how far I would go. I injured my foot 10 days before. Nothing serious apparently because running 100k on it seemed to do it more good than harm. But that was my first “injury” from a freak foot twisting event on trails. Still – It kept me from running how I normally run. My form was off. I couldn’t run any uphills OR downhills. Having a lot of issues from the start of such a big race – had expectations at an all time low. I didn’t expect to finish.
On to Shadow Lake – Mile 21.7

I saw Chris about a mile before the aid station – he was out getting in some miles. I told him I needed to change my shoes – which was good or I might’ve forgot again.

I sat down with the crew. I cried as we pulled my shoes off. They advised me to go with the Flyknit road shoes – which was a good call. I was sad. I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to eat. Not that I didn’t feel good or anything – just was in a “what’s the point” mood.

I stood up and stared at the aid station for a bit. Stood some more. ok. Pickle. Cookie. M&M’s. Guess I’ll go.
On to Egbert – Mile 26.5

I would be seeing crew again at Egbert. Only 5 miles away. My feet were feeling better, I still walked. A lot. I was in a dark place.

— I thought a lot about this dark spot. It was nothing about running. It brought up things in life. Things that convinced me that I’m the worst. That I’m a broken piece of human. —

I don’t remember much of this stretch. As I ran into the aid station Chris said I was looking better…. hmm ok.

Matt stuffed my phone into my Orange Mud vest – so they could track me via find my friends. Chris brought me food things I had forgotten about, which made me pretty happy. I wandered over to the aid station and took salt for the first time, and some pickles. I went back over and asked Jeff when I’d see them again….. 12 miles. Buh.
On to Meadows – Mile 38.3

I walked for a bit out of Egbert. But I started running. Then I didn’t stop. I caught up to people who had passed me what felt like hours ago. I passed people I thought I’d never see again. Life wasn’t over. Thanks to crew. And carbs.

There was a long stretch on canal. Much longer than I expected. I was still cruising, it was sunny and hot. Things started hurting again, but I was still running. Part of me said this pace could hurt me later… part of me said – it probably won’t matter.

I rolled into Meadows around 12:30pm. Feeling like I could run till 72. I could make it to Mertsock. I could finish.

Chris handed me coconut water, and other things I hadn’t been thinking about. But he put them in front of me and I wanted them.

It would be 12 miles till I saw them again. 12 miles till Im half way done.
On to Boston Mills – Mile 50

I lost momentum coming out of Meadows aid station. Feet were hurting. Right foot aching. Left foot had something going on under the Big toe nail. I got tired. Sleepy. I felt like I could lay out on the trail and be out. Something was missing. I walked a lot of the first 6 miles. I don’t remember the aid stations or what I ate in this stretch…. other than eventually eating 2 ginger chews cause I was bored. But it seemed within minutes of the ginger – a lot of pains went away, and I found myself running the next 6 miles.

I started to get excited. I had run parts of this trail with Jeff last year when we were waiting for Welden at mile 50. So things started to look familiar. I knew it’d be a few miles till I saw everyone again. I was getting close… then Welden was there! He was hanging out on the trail maybe a mile or less from the aid station, and ran in with me. Told me Mertsock was almost there.

Got in to 50 in 11 hours and 35 minutes. Was feeling great. Jeff said he was ready to hop in if I wanted a pacer. I didn’t know. He told me it’d be 16 miles before I would see crew again. I knew I would hit a low point. I knew it could be bad. I didn’t know if it would be better or worse with someone there. If there is someone who has seen me at my worst – it’s Jeff.

So yeah. Lets see what happens.

photo by Chris O'Brien

photo by Chris O’Brien

Grapes! at Mile 50. Photo by Chris O'Brien.

Grapes! at Mile 50. Photo by Chris O’Brien.

On to Ledges – Mile 66.5

Jeff and I walked for a bit out of mile 50. Things felt like they had tightened up again, and momentum was gone. We had a long stretch on canal path that we walked a lot of with small run spirts. We got to a U-turn which put us back on some dirt, and started running more.

My big toe was getting hard to ignore. I was in a pretty good mood though. I was talking a lot. Happy to complain to Jeff about all things of the day and life. And he did an awesome job of listening.
I expected my foot to be the reason I DNF. Then when my foot wasn’t getting any worse – I had no excuse. Could I DNF without an excuse. No. I would have to finish. I could walk all night – I was looking forward to the 24+ hour experience, whatever that entailed.
Still to Ledges

We did some running. but I remember mostly walking. And at some point my mood had changed. My feet hurt. My toe was killing me. But it’s just a toe. It started to feel like the nail was getting looser – and something was definitely going on under it. I was also getting weird aches in my right upper calf.

We stopped at an unmanned aid station. I ate a gel and sat on a hill with my legs up. I could feel the circulation pulsing. It felt much-needed. It felt good.

Things didn’t change much from there though. Still had aches in my calf. Toe still hurt. I rolled my compression sock down – maybe it was a circulation thing. I was super low for a long time. Walking is so slow. Were not going to make it to Ledges before dark. We don’t have headlamps….

Then we heard voices. Our crew had ventured out on the trails from Pine Lane – where no crew was “allowed”.

We were very lucky to have them there. Got into the aid station. I wasn’t going to check out the toe – then Matt asked if we should look at it – cause… why not. I also wanted to get some different socks on.

It wasn’t too bad. Welden gave me a pin from his bib to poke at it. I poked under the nail – There was nothing. Poked at the side – some good stuff there. He cut open my flyknits to take the pressure off the toe.

At Pine Lane - Mile 59.7 Photo by Chris O'Brien

At Pine Lane – Mile 59.7
Photo by Chris O’Brien

Toe poking and Flyknit removal. Photo by Chris O'Brien.

Toe poking and Flyknit removal. Photo by Chris O’Brien.

Save the toe. RIP flyknits. (actually I'll probably still wear these)

Save the toe. RIP flyknits. (actually i’ll probably still wear these)

STILL – on to Ledges.

The extra space was weird at first, but felt good. Problem solved. We had headlamps. I felt good. Water and nutrition was pretty on point all day. I never felt like I couldn’t eat, was never dehydrated. Never felt sick. I definitely don’t eat enough. I forget that 4 grapes and 8 M&Ms, and a couple of pickles isn’t a meal. I would eat between aid stations – which I forget to do in other races. But it would usually be 1 huma gel – or a ginger chew. But everyone is different. I’ve always felt better with less stuff in me.

I wanted to run now. The tightness in that right calf now felt like it was coming from under my knee. Soon it was just under my knee. It felt like a knot – I kept trying to rub it out. Jeff poked at it a little.

WHY. I wanted to run. I can ignore this – does it really hurt that much?

I guess it wasn’t a matter of pain. It was more that the muscle made running not possible. It wouldn’t allow it. It made walking stupid. I was up for walking 30 miles if I could walk a decent pace. But this was so dumb.

In 100k – My injured foot is healed. My toe fixed. My Popliteal broken.
The journey to Ledges continues.

We had 6 more miles till we would see crew again. I could make it there by cut off – which was 11:35PM.

We were lucky to have a lot of road and canal miles after the shoe dissection. I was worried about kicking roots, cause I was doing that all day.

We would try to run multiple times. It wouldn’t be a run. It would be walking pace. I would convince myself that I could force it. We would try again. Nope. So we walked.

I told Jeff I would walk it into Ledges then probably be done. The thought of it was heart breaking. My first DNF. I felt like I would never get over it. It was unacceptable. But this entire race was not how I wanted my first 100 to go, and I knew it wouldn’t be. It was not how I usually run – but I did the best with what I had. And my crew helped me inch forward and problem solve along the way.

It was dark. It felt like it’d been a long time. I asked Jeff what time it was – he said 9:something PM. I was surprised it was so late. We still had a couple of miles till we would get to Ledges – at this pace, I might not make the cut off anyway.

The course finally turns onto a trail. I walk a few feet onto it….

I can’t. I can’t pick my feet up enough to do handle a trail. I’m walking too slow. I’m done. I never made it to Ledges.
The Escape.

We walked the path till it got to a “road”. We had been talking to Matt, and he was only minutes away. There was some adventuring involved in our escape – but it may be better to leave out those details.

Matt and Chris had both told me I should sit, and take some time before I stop for good. But I could tell this was something that wouldn’t go away. I’m good at knowing when im being lazy and when something has potential to change. But I couldn’t walk. and I wasn’t about to walk at a crawling pace for a few more hours just to miss a cutoff, and make whatever muscle that’s being dumb that much worse.

Now that it’s Monday – and my knee is still just as tight and un-walkable. I feel pretty good about my choice to stop where I did.

Chris had asked me about my goals for this race before.

I told him just to see how far I could get – based on the pre-race foot injury.

I also told him I wanted to be able to run again this month.

I achieved one – 64ish miles in 17 something hours. and I’m sure I’ll achieve the running again this month thing. Seeing as im signed up to pace Jeff for Twisted Branch, and also racing Lucifer’s Crossing the day after. 🙂

It’s hard for me to drag people into these things and not finish or do what is planned. I want this stuff to be a great experience for everyone. But even in the unexpected and unplanned, and sleep deprivation – you learn things about yourself and your friends. Things that you need to work on, and things that just bring everyone closer together.

Luckily we had Dan-o.

We met Chris and the rest of the gang at Pine Hollow – which would be mile 76 for Dan-o.
— I hadn’t seen Dan since the starting line – and was excited to follow him around the rest the night and morning.

I watched Dan-o come in – and take Welden. Then it would be hours before we’d see them again. Like 8 hours. I couldn’t imagine. It was getting cold.

I remembered picking up Daven here last year in the daylight – and 90 degrees – and running the next 20 miles… I couldn’t imagine this part at night.
With hours to spare – we went to our hotel and got some sleep till about 3am. We would go catch Dan-o and his gang at mile 90. Then 95. Then off to the finish.

Dan-o at mile 90. Photo by Chris O'Brien.

Dan-o at mile 90. Photo by Chris O’Brien.

Walking to meet Dan for his last mile - to the finish. Photo by Chris O'Brien.

Walking to meet Dan for his last mile – to the finish. Photo by Chris O’Brien.

The gang. Walking the last mile and getting dropped by Dan-o.

The gang. Walking the last mile and getting dropped by Dan-o.

I knew I’d get dropped cause my stupid walking pace – but I was happy to be there the last mile. Happy to be at the finish. This race is awesome. Could use a few less roads and canals. but the trails are super fun.

Gang at the finish line. Photo by Chris O'Brien.

Gang at the finish line.
Photo by Chris O’Brien.

I knew some day I would experience a DNF. I knew 100 miles would increase the odds. I think I’m capable of a decent attempt. So until next time – this was fun.

The end.

Things I used.

Orange Mud vest – Hydra Quiver
with a Ultimate Direction Bottle – Hand Held
— I used the hand held bottle in the orange mud vest so I can use the little pocket on the bottle for easy to access things. For this race – it was chapstick.

Road shoes would be fine for this race – if it’s always as dry as it was this year.
I used Nike FlyKnits.

Compression socks as well as my trail shoes –  have been fine for other ultras i’ve done. In NY. But something about Ohio – maybe the Location, different elevation/humidity. Legs and feet handled them differently/seemed to be more swollen.

Huma Gels. Awesome as always. I used 4 or 5 during this race.
Picky Bar. I ate two. 1 about 2 hours in. Another… somewhere between 30 and 50. ALways great.

Pickles. I had a pickle at almost every aid station.

Salt tabs. Starting taking salt somewhere around 25 miles. With A LOT of water.

Salt tab and pickle combo. Combo for success.

Grapes. are awesome. Ate these at almost every aid station after 25 miles.

Peanut M&M’s. Grabbed these as I would walk back out to the trail.

Dark Chocolate – I found dark chocolate with ginger. It was awesome. Had this at Mile 50.

Coconut water. Had regular coconut water around mile 25.

Chocolate coconut water. Had this around mile 50.

Home made energy bars. With dark chocolate, molasses, honey, raisins, gluten free oats and rice crispies, coffee beans and coco nibs. Had this at 25 and 50.

Ginger chews. I ate 4 during the day. Out of boredom.

I think that’s it.

oh yeah – 1 freezee pop.


WTFUDGE? 0 Degree Winter Trail Festival

Yesterday was WTF – Winter Trail Festival – at Powder Mills Park. It consisted of 3 races – 15 miler / 10 miler / and a 5 miler (Each a 5 mile loop). I ran the 15.

The morning consisted of many dilemmas. Carry water? Carry a gel? What to wear / how cold was it really? Traction or no traction? It’s been a while since I raced… I forgot how to do things.

I decided I would wear a wrist pocket thing to hold my car key – and stuff a Cliff gel in there just incase. As for water – I had a feeling I would need both hands – so I stuffed the weird floppy Salomon cup in with the gel.

weird. but works.

weird. but works.

As for traction – I decided my trail shoes had enough grip – less is more.

The 15 mile start was at 10am – probably the best start time ever.

My plan was to stick with Dan O and Greg as long as possible. As I was sure we were pretty similar in pace. I passed Dan sooner than I expected and kept up with Greg. About 3 miles in was the first major hill. My legs felt like they had nothing already – so I didn’t try at all to run up it. Greg pulled away as I walked my way up. Sean was at the top asking how I felt – I said “this hill sucks” – and got running again. I quickly caught up to Greg, just in time for hell on roots (I think it was called?-which also had a rope). This climb wasn’t as bad to me as the one just before… maybe because it was purposefully ridiculous. And no expectations for anyone to run up it.

Lap 1 - Just before Ski Hill

Lap 1 – Just before Ski Hill

*Estimated Lap 1 time = 50:56 (I tried to do math)

I stayed with Greg as we finished our first loop and into the 2nd. He kept saying I could pass him. There’s a section of the course where I could fly for a bit, so I waited until then. In lap 2 my legs felt great. I even ran up a part of the horrible hill. As I came around to finish lap 2, I could hear the #trailroc crew cheering. Pretty sure I heard Eric say “…your coach hates you.” Probably true. 🙂

*Estimated Lap 2 time = 49:40

My legs still felt pretty good going into Lap 3. Until mile 13ish. That hill… is terrible. I had no desire to walk up it. I wanted to crawl. I was thankful there was no one at the top. I was by myself. Took my time getting to the top, and started to shuffle along. I got some speed back thanks to the downhills, and tried to look unscathed as I ran by the aid station for the last time.

I made my final ascend up Hell on Roots. Screw the rope. It was slippery. I crawled. Grabbed roots / trees / snow… Made my way to the top and once again started to shuffle. Now my legs felt dead. I got speed from downhills and straightaways, but had nothing for any sort of incline.

I made my way around the field for the finish and could feel my calf seizing up. I heard Eric saying if I finish hard I would beat my coaches time from last year. (Lies). I couldn’t tho – I tried to hold my pace – any harder and I would cramp up.

*Estimated Lap 3 time = 53:30

I finished – got highfived and congratulated. What? I didn’t even realise that the entire race… I didn’t see any other females – except for those running a different distance. There were only 8 females running the 15 miler, out of 41 total. But I’ll take it – here’s the results:

3rd overall out of 41
1st female out of 8
15 miles in 2:33:09



And this is weird… —>











To give you an idea of how many people were running – there were also 43 finishers in the 5 miler, and 45 in the 10 miler. Pretty equal number of people in each race.


I have a lot to thank the folks from #trailsroc for. Without them and Medved and all these other trail things popping up – I would probably be on an entirely different running path. They have built a seriously awesome trail community in Rochester. With the new company Trail Methods – I see things only getting better. Thanks for the support.

WTF is awesome – #trailsroc is awesome. Everyone I’ve been meeting recently is awesome. I missed my two favorite running people yesterday. Matt – was moving his life. and Coach was a slacker – and missed me win. He gets away with it tho cause he’s a whole nother level of awesome.

I say I want to win stuff. Do I think it’ll actually happen? No. If I have a chance – I’ll go for it. This was cool.

The end.

Ultra Recovery

1 week after the CanLake 50 miler – and Im up at a ridiculous hour again. For once I think I was actually sleeping pretty well, until my alarm woke me up at 3:15am.

This morning Kyle and I will be running the Inaugaral race for Flour City Race Works. Ossian Mountain Run will be at Swain Ski Resort, and were doing the 8 miler. Am I recovered from the 50 miler? I think so.

The day after CanLake 50 – I was sore. But I forced myself to do a lot of walking, then Kyle beat my legs up… especially the IT Band. This helped a lot, and felt pretty normal after. Monday (2 days post Ultra) I wen’t for a recovery run, and managed 4 miles – each mile felt better than the 1st. I wen’t to work after the run and felt like I was cured from the Ultra soreness. 3 days after the Ultra – I ran 5 miles and felt completely normal. 5 days after the Ultra I ran a Hill workout with Matt and Mike. My legs got tired pretty quick – but still, It didn’t feel like I had run 50 miles in a day just a few days ago.

It’s weird how fast the body can recover. But also leaves me thinking that I definitely did not run hard enough. I am still having IT band issues – which im slightly worried about for todays race. I won’t be trying anything too crazy as this race is going to be hilly, cold, rainy, and covered in leaves (slippery). It’s been a while since I’ve done any trail running – thanks to all this road Ultra stuff.

Oh yeah – so what’s next?

I told my friend Matt at the start of CanLake 50 that this race would either be the end to Ultra running, or just the beginning. At one point during the race I was like “yeah this is the end / Im gonna stick to running in circles” – but once you get past the point of suffering, is when the real Ultra starts. And it’s awesome. So – I already have some ideas for next year. This may include a 50 mile trail race…

Im also contemplating a 50k trail race that is in a couple weeks – Mendon Trail Run. Depends on the weather though.

It is now 4:28am – just finished my coffee and some molasses cookies. Now to make oatmeal and get ready for this race. Takes over an hour to get to Swain…. and a 7:30am start… the things we do for friends that become race directors.

The end.

3 races 2 weeks, moving and Ultra training

So life exploded these last couple weeks with 3 races, moving into a house, and attempting to train for an ultra…. all while still working 40 hours. So here it goes:

1. I am offically off the wait list for Canlakes 50 mile!! annnnnd – it’s only a month away…

2. I had 2 good weeks of training – followed by 2 sub 20 mile weeks… who needs quality training for an Ultra, right?

3. Dirt Cheap Trail race #5 – was Wednesday Aug. 20th
– I came in 38th overall
– 3rd female overall
– 2nd in AG
– 5.1ish miles in 50:14

4. We made our first big attempt at moving on Saturday August 23rd.
– Only had the Uhaul for 4 hours
– Also didn’t have any help – just me and Kyle.
– We had to make multiple trip with our cars after returning the Uhaul – and ended our last trip at 11ish PM with the doggies. 

5. Dam Good Trail Race was the next day – August 24th – At Letchworth Park
– I got 2 hours of sleep – Thanks to it being the first night in the new place, and the dogs also kept us up all night. 
– I still managed to run ok, the legs felt tired tho.
– I was 29th overall out of 144
– 6th female overall
– 2nd in AG
– 13.3ish miles in 2:08:43

6. I still haven’t been to a doctor – I tried… but no one is accepting new patients. So I gave up.

7. We finished moving the rest of our stuff Saturday August 30th – and scrubbed the apartment in hopes of getting our security deposit back. 

8.  I ran Virgil Monster Half marathon – August 31st 
– It rained the entire time
– It got muddier and slippery-er as the race went on.
– The race started out hard with the first 3 miles pretty much uphill… then it got fun. I didn’t even mind the rain or mud that much. I was glad I decided against running the marathon tho!
– I was 17th overall
– 5th female overall
– 2nd in AG
– 13ish miles in 2:26:14

These next couple weeks will be very important for Ultra training. If I can get a couple more solid long runs I think i’ll feel better about how Canlakes will go. 

Photo credit IAMLESHER.COM from Dam Good Trail Race

Photo credit IAMLESHER.COM from Dam Good Trail Race


EVL-9 Trail Race

Sunday I ran the Evl-9 trail race in Ellicottville, NY. It was held at Holiday Valley Ski Resort. I was expecting a torturous climb and a hard race – but it was all completely runnable! It was challenging, but just enough to still be fun.

We started out on a gravel road, and ran about 2ish miles up the mountain on a gradual incline. Then we ducked into the woods, onto the funnest single track I’ve ran yet. One of those races where you can just let loose – you feel like your going too fast, but it’s just the down hill momentum. There were still a couple up hills, but knowing that eventually you have to run DOWN to finish kept me going. Super fun race. Im thinking I’ll be running even more Eastern Grip races – next one is Dam Good, at Letchworth. Then 8 in the Rough. Here’s a video of the start – It was recorded by remote helicopter of some kind.

Here’s my results:

39th overall out of 131
7th female overall
4th in age group
9ish miles in 1:22:40

The End.

Charlies Old Goat Trail Run and CanLakes 50

Last Saturday I ran Charlies Old Goat Trail run. I wasn’t sure what the course would be like, but expected a few tough hills. What I didn’t expect was open fields and blazing sun… ugh.

So yeah, it was a rough race. I had no energy to do hills, my legs just felt like toast… and a good chunk of it was out in the open. On a cooler day im sure I would have loved the course. I dumped water on my head twice… I never do that!

Here’s the results:

6.5ish miles – 1:03:30
68th overall out of 230
21st female out of 104
2nd in AG out of 6

To the finish!

To the finish!

In other news:
I joined the CanLakes 50 miler wait list. Why? Im not sure… maybe because I figured my chances are slim. I woke up yesterday and for some reason felt like I HAD to sign up. Before yesterday I never even gave it a thought. We will see. But now I can have something to train for… even if I don’t get in, it won’t be a bad thing to put in the miles.

Oh yeah and still a vegan. I think were going on 3 weeks? My daily energy has been good, but running Ive felt tired. But I always run after standing for 8 hours – so that probably doesn’t help.

41st on the CanLakes waitlist

41st on the CanLakes waitlist

Trail Recaps and training update

Last week was pretty eventful. I ran the first Dirt Cheap Trail Race Wednesday, then the Muddy Sneaker 20k on Saturday. Both I was still recovering from this cold that won’t go away, pretty sure I have a sinus infection. Anyway – Here’s some results:

Dirt Cheap #1:
I was 117th overall out of 307
4.6 miles in 50:13

I didn’t bother getting any other details, cause this was a nightmare! By far my worst dirt cheap, last year I ran a 40:35 at this race. I was feeling good too, right behind girl #2 with plans on passing her. But then my nose starts running like crazy, I didn’t realise it was blood for a little while. I tried to just let it go, but it just got worse, started going down my throat, and I started coughing up blood. Not pleasant. Then I started wondering how much blood can you lose from a nose bleed? and would I eventually pass out if I keep running? So I slowed down… tried to get it to stop. I ran the last 2 miles holding my nose… I was very frustrated at first, but I guess it’s just one more inconvenience that can happen while running. One more thing I can always be prepared for too!

Muddy Sneaker 20k:
7th female overall out of 56
58th overall out of 170
2nd in age group out of 5 (20-29)
12 miles in 2:11:12

This was my first time running Muddy Sneaker, and I was prepared for a hard race. This was in the High Tor wildlife management area in Naples, NY. I started out easy, had some mild stomach issues in the beginning, but they eventually went away. It was a crowded start, and I wasn’t going anywhere fast… which was ok with me, I knew I would need the energy later. These were probably the longest hills I’ve ever ran, they just kept going. Im proud to say I was able to run everything, up until the last 2 miles of hill. The last 2 miles started out steep then flattened out a bit, but still at an incline. So it was a mix of walking/hiking and running till the finish.

Overall, it wasn’t as hard as I expected. There was never a thought that I didn’t want to do this anymore. I was never wishing it would just end. The miles went by surprisingly fast. I probably could have pushed myself harder, but I havent been training on hills. I’ll definitely be back for next year, and can’t wait to get closer to 2 hours. This race made me feel better about running Sehgahunda in a month. I only fell once in this race… I also ran into a tree…. I have some other battle wounds, im not sure how I got them… OH YEAH, and no nose bleed! 🙂

Tree Punch

Tree Punch

More races are coming up quick, and kinda stressing me out. Flower City Half Marathon is this weekend… I was planning on running it, but now I can’t decide. I think it will depend on how this week goes… Then the weekend after is another trail race- Medved Madness (15 miles). Which Im planning on doing, even though it’s a week before Mind the Ducks… and GAH… less than 3 weeks till Mind the ducks (12 hour). Then 4 days after that is another dirt cheap, then a week after that is Sehgahunda… then a week after that is Chase Corporate Challenge! I’ve done May Madness before and survived, but never quite like this… 1 month 5 races and two of those races are over 26 miles… should be interesting.

As for training…
Sunday: Ran easy for 2 hours – 12.5 miles
Monday: off
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: Dirt Cheap – 4.6 miles
Thursday: 1 mile (testing a couple shoes for Muddy Sneaker)
Friday: off
Saturday: Muddy Sneaker – 12 m

Week #14 – 30.1 miles (Goal 63)
Week #13 – 10.3 miles (Goal 59)
Week #12 – 12.2 miles (Goal 38)
Week #11 – 24.7 miles (Goal 56)
Week #10 – 47.1 miles (Goal 54)
Week #9 – 26.7 miles (Goal 36)
Week #8 – 48.3 miles (Goal 52)
Week #7 – 37.6 miles (Goal 49)
Week #6 – 33.5 miles (Goal 34)
Week #5 – 44.3 miles (Goal 50)
Week #4 – 32.6 miles (goal 44)
Week #3 – 37.1 miles (goal 32)
Week #2 – 44.8 (goal 46)
Week #1 – 34.5 (goal 44)

Still a slacker… but with the weather finally getting better, i’ll have less of a struggle getting out the door. I did run twice yesterday, which is allready a big improvement. I wasn’t too sore from Saturdays race… until after yesterdays runs. And then I even rolled out my muscles… that never happens. I think Im getting back on some kind of track!

Good Luck to everyone running Boston today!

Bloody Nose and running

Has anyone ever had a bloody nose while running? or during a race?

Well last night was the first Dirt Cheap Trail race, and about half way through my nose starts running uncontrolably. I’ve had a cold for almost 2 weeks, so I just thought it was runny. Until I wiped it with my glove and there was lots of blood. Then I started coughing blood…. not pleasant.

It was frusterating, and I ran with one hand plugging my nose for the rest of the race. I was in #2 female overall spot, and had to give it up… not cool. I finished, but it was slow. It did make for a few laughs at the finish though, people thought I either fell, or got beat up on the course.

My only worry is that it will happen again on Saturday for the Muddy Sneaker Trail Race (15 miles), which I care alot more about than the dirt cheap. Any tips on preventing a bloody nose? or should I just plan on bringing tissue on the run?

Thats all. I’ll post a re-cap of the race as soon as results are posted.

Dirt Cheap Trail Race #6

This whirlwind of a week is finally starting to unwind. We made it to NYC and back Monday – that was a 22 hour day. We left at 4am, and got home at 2am…. Of course I volunteered to drive. The outcome of that trip is pretty awesome (Kyles Tattoo), but once we were in the city… it’s just so crazy. Not enjoyable. Then I had to work Tuesday morning… Then Wednesday morning. All I wanted to do was sleep.

Wednesday night was the last Dirt Cheap Trail Race. It was 93 degrees out… and my foot kept getting sharp pains through my arch and heel. So I took it easy. I started in the middle of the pack, instead of at the starting line. But at 11 minutes I had stomach issues…. and had to stop and keel over for a couple minutes. I watched everyone pass by, I figured I was probably last now, so I started a nice slow jog till my stomach settled down. Eventually I could run normally, and started catching up to people. Only 3 out of the 6 races count towards the series total, so I was fine with taking this one easy – especially with the Marathon in pretty much one week.

Here’s the results:

I was 87th overall out of 244
21 out of 117 females
4th in age group out of 12
3.3 ish miles in 41:15

Overall Series Standings confused me. I thought I was 2nd female – according to the order they have it in. Turns out I was 3rd 😦 – I’m only sad because I waited for the awards last night thinking I had 1st in age group, and the prize included Once Again Nut Butter. On the way to the race I told Kyle I’d be so excited if I won the peanut butter…. but nope. O well… I’ll take 3rd, and 2nd in age group. I’m always so close… yet so far away.

**Update – some photo’s…

Im in the back with white shorts

Im in the back with white shorts

Attempted to smile

Attempted to smile

an eventful Dirt cheap trail race #5

Last night was the 5th Dirt Cheap Trail Race at Webster park. The course is suppose to be about 5.5 ish miles. But somewhere things went very… very wrong!

So … the men started at 6:30 pm, and women started 8 minutes after.  It was basically just the top 4 girls running together for the first half (me and 3 others). As usual we started passing the slower guys. Then somewhere half-way through the fast guys are coming the opposite direction saying were going the wrong way. Then more and more guys are coming by us – all on single track (It was a mess). They were either saying they were going the wrong way, or we were… everything was confusion. So we just kept on going…. I mean, we followed the flags the whole time, and were continuing to follow them… how could we be going the wrong way?

Apparently there were some kids that removed flags from the course before the guys started, which caused them to miss a turn. Luckily for us girls there were two guys standing by the turn we were suppose to take so we went the right way… I think?

The top 4 stayed together pretty much until about 3 miles in when we hit the creek crossing, then I took off…. and another girl really took off, she disappeared. So in my head I was pretty excited, I was thinking I had 2nd place. Then I got close to the finish and I start passing slower women…. (wait a minute)…. how did they get in front of me? Then I come up to the finish, and see that basically EVERYONE had already finished….

In all the confusion, I think people turned around thinking they were going the wrong way. Some people only ran like 2 miles, some 3, some 4…… I’m 95% sure I did the right course? I was so bummed when I finished… mostly because I felt good in this race, but it didn’t matter. There were no winners last night, it was pretty much just a crazy run in the park. Also bummed that kids would mess with the course… If they did it on purpose, then that’s messed up. If they didn’t know what they were doing, then what can you do… they didn’t know any better. I feel bad for fleet feet and yellow jacket – they put so much work into every event so that the course is well layed out. You never expect it to be tampered with. Luckily trail runners are pretty easy going, and just enjoy being out on the trails. Most people still enjoyed the event. Some were upset…. we were disappointed.

Here’s the route I took, my race was about 5.3 miles.
dirtcheap5_map  Kyle ran this too, and I also passed him on the trails going the opposite direction. We both didn’t know what was happening… but he only ended up doing like 4ish miles. I finished in 47:19, the previous race I ran here in May I ran 47:11…. So my time was basically the same.

I got some pretty mean blisters thanks to the creek and wet shoes…. and no socks.

Red Heels

Red Heels

We were kinda down after the race and weren’t hungry. So we didn’t want real food… could have gotten pizza, but you have to pay for that. We decided pancakes would be for dinner. Kyle’s were just butter and syrup, which is boring. As you can see – mine are pretty awesome… Peanut butter and jelly and chocolate chips AND maple syrup!? Yes…

The end.