Antelope Training – not dead yet.

There’s strength in failing. It can’t always be back to back weekends of 70+ miles. Some people can. I thought I could.

I’ve been taking my head out of running. If it’s on the schedule – That’s what I’ll do. That’s what comes first. No matter how much I feel like I’m crawling, I can always find that second gear. Well – That’s unrealistic. I find out I’m human. You gotta break down to build up. But break down without going too far.
Ending February with 267 miles trained.
Compared to January’s – 272.4

I was on track to beat that mileage this month. But there’s times to push.
And times to listen to your body.

I weigh the thoughts of – Is this really that hard? How is my body really feeling?

Then I look at my heart rate of 170 and I’m going 12:00 miles.
Something’s going on.

Antelope is coming – 3 more weeks.
The training is in – just got to hold it together.


Ultra Recovery

1 week after the CanLake 50 miler – and Im up at a ridiculous hour again. For once I think I was actually sleeping pretty well, until my alarm woke me up at 3:15am.

This morning Kyle and I will be running the Inaugaral race for Flour City Race Works. Ossian Mountain Run will be at Swain Ski Resort, and were doing the 8 miler. Am I recovered from the 50 miler? I think so.

The day after CanLake 50 – I was sore. But I forced myself to do a lot of walking, then Kyle beat my legs up… especially the IT Band. This helped a lot, and felt pretty normal after. Monday (2 days post Ultra) I wen’t for a recovery run, and managed 4 miles – each mile felt better than the 1st. I wen’t to work after the run and felt like I was cured from the Ultra soreness. 3 days after the Ultra – I ran 5 miles and felt completely normal. 5 days after the Ultra I ran a Hill workout with Matt and Mike. My legs got tired pretty quick – but still, It didn’t feel like I had run 50 miles in a day just a few days ago.

It’s weird how fast the body can recover. But also leaves me thinking that I definitely did not run hard enough. I am still having IT band issues – which im slightly worried about for todays race. I won’t be trying anything too crazy as this race is going to be hilly, cold, rainy, and covered in leaves (slippery). It’s been a while since I’ve done any trail running – thanks to all this road Ultra stuff.

Oh yeah – so what’s next?

I told my friend Matt at the start of CanLake 50 that this race would either be the end to Ultra running, or just the beginning. At one point during the race I was like “yeah this is the end / Im gonna stick to running in circles” – but once you get past the point of suffering, is when the real Ultra starts. And it’s awesome. So – I already have some ideas for next year. This may include a 50 mile trail race…

Im also contemplating a 50k trail race that is in a couple weeks – Mendon Trail Run. Depends on the weather though.

It is now 4:28am – just finished my coffee and some molasses cookies. Now to make oatmeal and get ready for this race. Takes over an hour to get to Swain…. and a 7:30am start… the things we do for friends that become race directors.

The end.