About Me

My name is Laura Rekkerth, from Rochester, NY. I have a BFA in graphic design from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). I spend my days putting my skills to “good” use – running, and printing (CatPrint).

I’ve been running since 2004. Distance running since 2011. Ultra running since 2014. A member of the Mountain Peak Fitness/ Red Newt Racing trail running team since 2016.

I like trails. I like Mountains. I like not sleeping.

What mattered wasn’t how much money you made,
or where you lived. It was how you lived”

Photo by Jeff - During the Great Range Traverse

Photo by Jeff – During the Great Range Traverse

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  2. So just to explain my random kudos, I was in a bar working on a sketch last weekend, and I ran into Lisa and Rob. We immediately recognized each other from multiple local running groups. They were admiring my sketch, which lead to a discussion of me getting my first tattoo, which lead to Lisa asking if I knew you, as well as raving about how you’re such a talented graphic designer and have awesome tattoos. The graphic design reference piqued my interest because about a dozen people have asked for my card during the past three months when I’ve been out in public drawing in bars and coffee shops. Of course, I have no business card. When I started drawing three months ago, I never dreamed I’d need business cards. It was really just for me. So long story short, I might be hitting up CatPrint within the next month or so for business cards. Glad I discovered your site! On a side note, your logo designs are fantastic, as is your resume of Ultra events. Keep up the good work!

      • I actually already got the first part of it done in early March. It’s a two-headed crow on my upper-left arm… going to be a half arm sleeve. I go for the second three hours this Thursday. Dan Ross of Art to Zen tattoo in Greece is doing it. I got several references for him, and he’s been awesome. As for the meaning… I’m a bird guy, and I’ve always loved crows. In eastern philosophy, crows are viewed as a sign of hope and new beginnings. Let’s just say that 2018 was kind of a ‘big changes’ year for me, so this seemed apropos. I’d been thinking about it for the whole year, but when I started drawing, I was able to use one of my works as a model for what I wanted. Dan had to revise it slightly to fit, but being able to basically draw it myself was special.

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